Sunday, July 18, 2010

beach towel bonanza

Thought I would go ahead and share what I guess posted at Tatertots and Jello on Friday. 

I'm getting ready to take a small trip to the beach so how about something to use...How about a towel that has a little pocket across the top to hook across the top of the beach/lounge chair? That way you don't have to constantly keep readjusting your towel throughout the day and pulling it up? I'm talking something like this:

Personally, I had never seen this until a friend of ours was at our pool on Father's day and had one. I scoffed and was like, I can make that!

Now, for all of you sewers out there, you will immediately see how this project can be improved upon. For all you non-sewers - WELCOME my friends! I didn't sew a single stitch. There I said it. For those of you who want to click to another page I understand. Still with me? Wow. Ok well, I'll go ahead and let it out that I didn't measure either. Go ahead, I can't watch. 

Wow, okay so some of you are still reading, be still my heart. Well, then here we go. 

Here's what you need:

a beach towel, or 2
ironing board (that's right people that's a counter top one and it's the very first one I've owned, have you lost all respect?! - I'm a big fan of take it out of the dryer and shake shake shake!)
Velcro (optional)
*sunglasses (totally optional, but they get you in the mood)


I did take my towel outside to the lounge chair. I put it on it, an I sat on it making sure I had enough pulled up over the top of the chair. I had this to look at, so it wasn't bad inspiration.

I didn't even have any pins or safety pins with me because I'll confess, it's not my pool. I'm staying at a friend's housesitting. Fortunately, I had just received a package from the Pleated Poppy and there were a few safety pins in there. Literally, I am talking three. So I used one on each side (the two sides and the top) to pin the towel, just so I did have some type of marking. Then I came inside and got to work with my Steam-A-Seam. I just followed the directions for that (and yes, I'm even ashamed to admit that it was my first time working with it).


And TA-DA! I'll be honest, I was impressed with myself, even though it's like a very simple thing!


And even after this, I questioned its adequacy for Tatertots & Jello - so just for you I took another towel and folded it in half. I took the pieces across each top and created a hem (again with the Steam-A-Seam) leaving room to wiggle a rope cord through. I then also closed up the sides almost like a pillowcase. Thus, we have a drawstring bag made out of a towel. 

1. It's a big bag - it can hold the towel we made plus many others. 2. It matches! 3. and this was truly most important for me - when you open it completely and lay it on the bottom half of the chair it is multifunctional. It served as a bag, coming and going, and while there, it provides a place for your feet (I'm a freckle-faced, redhead so as much as I love the sun, it doesn't love me, and I wind up having to stay covered). Plus it's nice little bonus to tuck your cell phone or whatever else, so it's not in the blaring sun!


Now my live & learn 
- yes, it'd be better to sew. or top stitch. or I even wonder about stitch witchery vs. steam-a-seam
-i'd also use bigger cording for the drawstring, and I probably will replace it. 

Hope you've been having a great weekend!


ellie said...

cute and clever!! I might have to try it.

ellie said...

Forgot. Got so carried away with the cleverness with the towels. I like your new look. Did you use picassa?

Jen said...

SUPER CLEVER! I love this! Thanks for sharing and thanks too for stopping by AAS and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it!!!

PS the embroidery hoop was pretty easy too. :)

Juliette Crane said...

Hello! Just stopping over from the flying lessons group :) Your blog is so lovely! I can't wait to try this out! Thank you so much for being such an inspiration!

best wishes to you!

RuffHaven said...

This is a great idea. But forget the towel. If that's your pool, I'm am coming to visit!

RuffHaven said...

I'm am ????
What the heck is in my ice tea?

sydney @ memorable minutes said...

Thanks everyone! @ ellie- i used picasa for my old header, but this "new look" i had help with so that it matches my "main site"
She does great stuff.

I'm glad you like it. :) Sydney

Christine said...

Very cool idea!

stroll down memory lane...

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