Sunday, October 3, 2010


some wonderful finds at the Norcross Art Festival yesterday from my friend Jenni Horne - the necklace (sorry for the bad picture) reads "love the way you make a living" and the bracelets say "take flight" and "enjoy the journey"

For those of you who have followed my blog for a while you may know that memorable minutes began as a side business - a side business out of need. It was a need for a creative outlet. It was also for ay type of employment. I was always cautiously and fully aware that it would not provide me what I needed it to - a home, insurance, ya know, a full living. However, in many ways for for a year and a half to two years it did provide me a life - a creative life. I couldn't be more grateful for it. I love where it has taken me. I often wish I was truly at a point where I could take off and see where this path would lead me full-time. But last week, reality hit, and in a good way. A principal called me for an interview. 

a necklace from Soup Studios in Athens, GA also found yesterday

I never discussed it too much on here, but I truly had kind of given up. After trying for over 2 years, in this economy, you reach that point. Then when I received the phone call I had a feeling. Well low and behold I got the teaching job! 1st grade here I come. I felt comfortable with the grade. I had experience with it. Now to set up my room - er, I mean trailer (which I think I will like because no one really bothers you out there)! 

another find yesterday from Delias Thompson, the ring is titled Revolution

I can't say I  kept my patience and my 'cool' all of the time. I shed my tears and I had my moments. But I do believe things work out for a reason. My new school is two miles from where I student taught and long-term subbed. Had I not done that I would not have a wonderful group of friends helping and supporting me that I do right now, who just also happen to spend some of our Friday afternoons right in the streets of Norcross, GA. I guess sometimes things really do come full circle. :) I'll still be doing my clocks too. Not to worry!

stay tuned for parts 1 and 2 of my classroom (the organization and the creativity). and Norcross is still going on today if you want to check it out. Tell Mattie's Social Circle (Jenni), Linwood Avenue (Tiffin), Joya Jewelry, Delias, Kim Quinn, and R Design (Rachel) I all said hi!


linwood avenue said...

it was great meeting your yesterday. looking forward to st. pious where we can talk a bit more. congrats on the job!!!

Dale Parker said...

Congratulations on the job Sydney! Funny how things just work themselves out for the best. Sounds like you will like your new position. You will also like a trailer, or mobile classroom if you want a more classy name. You are one usually wants to trek out to the outback, especially on rainy days. Yes, keep making art!

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