Thursday, June 24, 2010

more fun with frames and wall art

Like I said, I LOVE frames. Even on my website's 'About Me' page I have mentioned on there somewhere that my dad said to me one day "you have more frames and pictures than the Louvre!" Well, it's kind of true, I do. And I do have a lot of stuff. Sometimes I think though its what comes along with being a creative person. In fact, I've yet to meet a true creative person who is also a true minimalist. They may appear to be one, but that just means they can organize and hide it well. We all have our stuff. In the end it's all how we use it and display it. I think right now my stuff looks a little cluttered cause I am cramped in a smaller space. Sometimes I think all my dad sees no matter what is clutter. But I know for a fact that I have a friend who wonders, "how does she do that?" "how does she just take these thing and make it look like that and then arrange it so it doesn't look so boring?" <--- that's the thinking that keeps me going.

So I took a regular frame, one of the ones I use for my clocks, and turned it into a jewelry organizer. I know there are a lot of these out there on blogland. But I hope you'll keep reading because I haven't seen many like these. I see a lot of these in store displays and sometimes at craft/art shows and fairs. So I went ahead and made my own. I like the open-ness of the frame. It doesn't distract from any of my jewelry. I wanted to be able to put more than just earrings and bracelets, so I just drilled a screw in over there and hang my necklaces down the side. The bottlecap earrings and the necklace with the big butterfly are both done by my friend Jenni. She's very talented. 

And this below was another piece of wall art, though mine is propped up because as mentioned I am dealing with a small space, that I use to display/organize. This also was done one night while babysitting. I knew P&A would love to pick out their own fabrics, ribbons, and buttons for their own boards. Theirs actually do hang on the walls in their bedrooms. I'll have to get pictures. P's is hot pink, lime green, and black. A's is turquoise blue and lime green. They are so fitting of their personalities. We even used tools that they could control - a hot glue gun (with my supervision of course) and instead of those crazy staple guns, Staples office store has some staplers that are kind of automatic in themselves in the regular aisle and worked awesome! Here's a pic of a smaller one I did that night. We also found these cute buttons. I let the girls each pick one for theirs, too. I think P has one that says Peace maybe and A's says girlfriends. I'm sure they'll correct me if I am wrong. 
You can also see on mine I save some of my favorite placecards from my friends' weddings (we'll see if they read my blog!). It's always good for ideas. :)


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Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming said...

Love the jewelry organizer. What a fabulous frame! Love how you made them useful! Visiting from TJ. Hope you have a wonderful week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

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