Wednesday, June 23, 2010

art takes time.

One of my favorite blog challenges this summer that I have been contributing to is CSI (Create. Share. Inspire.). Let me tell ya, there is definitely a lot of inspiration going on over there. I feel hardly adequate sometimes to even be contributing, but its still a lot of fun. I can't keep up with all of the themes, but some of them have my name written all of them! This week's is frames, art, and wall decor. Umm, hi, have we met?! This theme is what I do! Remember this post? I have to elaborate. I feel the need to say that this is not meant to be one big plug, but my entire business is based upon frames. One could say it's where I "got my start!"


You see, 15 years ago for my Bat-Mitzvah (a celebration when you turn 13 in Juadaism). I was given an awesome gift of having my invitation turned into a clock. I absolutely LOVED it. I still have it. But back then it was done with a simple little acrylic frame. All these years later I figured someone had to have improved the process and made it a lot cuter. I wanted to do the same thing for my cousin, hers is the yellow one in the bottom left corner, see it? Well I couldn't find anything! I googled and googled. I looked on esty. NOTHING. I kept getting things like those shower invitations with the "round the clock" themes. So then I thought about it. Why couldn't I just make one?!


I knew exactly the frame I wanted to use, and lucky me it matched her invitation perfectly. Now - people trust my taste to do my thing! I've been making and selling them ever since. I love frames. There's SO much potential.


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