Sunday, June 13, 2010

we've got a brand new bag!

Nope, I am not just referring to the fabric I showed you a glimpse of in my previous post. That's going to be an awesome clutch. But as luck would have it, a piece on my sewing machine broke and that has been the only outing I have taken this past weekend - to get a new part. That finished product will be shown tomorrow.

I also have a new look and blog address. The look is simple. I wanted it that way. And the blog title and address relates more to my actual business. Though it won't just be about clocks. The style of blog won't change. Still the same fun crafts and life, and of course clocks. An Etsy shop is in the works. So, I hope you'll bookmark this address and come back often for visits.

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Diane@InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Sydney-

I love your new look and name. When I first landed on your home page just now, I saw your picture that is familiar to me, but the header had me thinking I was at the wrong place. Not until I read down to this post did I realize you changed your blogs name and look. I like the classic simpler feel, too and love the clocks in your header.
You commented on my blog how hard it is too keep all of our crafts supplies organized. I try to keep everything under wraps, but fail miserably most of the time. Right now I have stuff stacked in my foyer just waiting to be completed.
I am looking forward to spending some memorable moments here at your new site.
My best-Diane

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