Saturday, July 3, 2010

right now!

In Atlanta, every 4th of July for the past 41 years people from all over have come to participate in the world's largest road race, The Peachtree Road Race. Tomorrow morning I am one of them. This will be my fourth year in the past five years participating. The first year my family did it together - it was my dad's goal to be able to do it one year after his triple bypass surgery, and he did it. My brother ran it with him. I walked it with my mom. Every time since I have run/walked it "with" my brother and sister-in-law. I use the term with loosely because more often than not I watch them go on ahead and at some point they look around to see where they lost me. Our eyes meet, I say, "Catch ya at the finish line!" and I see them a couple hours later when we have all completed the 6.2 miles. 

Today when my brother brought me my packet with my number I was looking though all the papers and there is often different things from the various sponsors. The one above was from Home Depot. It brought a smile to my face in so many ways - the three of us had just been talking about how fun hardware stores are and all the projects you can do, I love getting my supplies from hardware stores, and this little saying can be applied in EVERY DAY life and in our businesses, not just in the race tomorrow - but I will definitely be thinking of it as I plug my earphones and listen to some tunes, including Van Halen's 'RIGHT NOW!' and anticipate crossing that finish line!
Happy 4th!


gnee said...

That is a great saying and like you said, we can apply it so many ways in our lives. Hope you had a happy race and can rest today!

Blenda said...

Congrats on your 4th year of participating in the Peachtree Road Race! Sounds like good times with your family. How cool!

Jennifer said...

Now that sounds like an awesome family tradition!! I love that home depot card! :)

Your Fellow Flyer... Jennifer

Laurie Turk said...

Hey Girl! You are the winner of last weeks link up on Tip Junkie for Tip Me Tuesday.


Please e-mail Kristen at with your contact information to redeem your prize.



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