Sunday, August 8, 2010

one word

Earlier this summer I mentioned I had been reading Eat Pray Love.  When I posted that my friend Carrie commented as to whether or not I had gotten to the part where she had to choose a word for herself. Low and behold that was the part I read that very night. I'd been wanting to write about it since and share with Carrie, but she beat me to it.

Over at my friend Carrie's blog she wrote a specific post just about this. She asks what one word we might choose for ourselves right now and why.

It's funny that her post popped up because I had already been pondering the answer to her question just when she commented on it over at my original post. It didn't take me too long to think of a word - CRAVE.

redesign of cover artwork I found online that speaks to the food aspect of the book

I know, I know, crave - it sounds like a food craving. Then it just seemed even more appropriate to me since the section of the book this was in was Eat. Many of us have all been seeing the previews for the movie recently. Many of us have been hearing Julia Roberts utter the words "this is my no carb left behind experiment!"

As luck would have it, this summer has been my "no sweets left behind experiment!"
cupcakes from Gigi's - Atlanta
clockwise from top right: french toast; peanut butter cup; peanut butter banana; turtle

make your own doughnut - Flamingo Doughnut Cafe, Hilton Head, SC
from top clockwise; honey glaze w/p'nut butter chips and m&ms; snickers; s'mores

Sweet Carolina Cupcakes - Hilton Head, SC
back: blueberry muffin; front from left: vanilla w/choc. frosting; red velvet; carrot cake
(and there were only 4, I didn't eat 2 without sharing with you!)

Village Bakery Cafe - Charleston, SC (Mt. Pleasant)
red velvet cake

s'mores on a stick - created by me!

And other hobbies - like decorating or working. 

I haven't given up on this calling one day

a definite reminder of craving time to slow down!

Of course sometimes it's more than just about food and hobbies - it's about craving moments.

the kind that memories are made of

the moments that let you know you're making a difference

all the little moments that are too fast and fleeting

I CRAVE it all - to live it all cause we never know when it shall pass this way again. 


Carrie Schmitt said...

This is a beautiful blog post. I pretty sure I've never seen desserts like that where I live! Otherwise, my word might be crave too. I love your word--it is so original and perfect. The last photo is my favorite and the line, "I crave itall-to live it all cause we never know when it shall pass this way again," gives me goosebumps. So true and so well said. This is a great reminder to me to appreciate and live in the moment. Cheers to craving and loving life's deliciousness:)

Dale Parker said...

I just finished reading Eat,Pray Love also. One of the bests I've read lately. I have not picked a word yet,but I need to think about doing that. I thought how appropriate that I read it this summer. I had been postponing reading because I thought it was written like a day to day diary. I thought it so paralled some of the things we all talked about in Kelly Rae's class this summer. Believing in one's self, living in the moment, living passionately. Gilbert did these and more and I want to do it too! Especially go to Italy and eat and drink my way through it!

Lenore @ Lather. Write. Repeat. said...

Oh my goodness those cupcakes look to die for!!! Talk about cravings...


cypress sun said...

i don't even crave sweets very often...but oh my..these have me wishing i could whip something up tonight w/out waking up the little one. nonetheless...i think it's a great word choice!

Jodene Shaw said...

OH MY GOODNESS...this post is just DECADANT! is lovely many sweet and tender things. Yes "Live it all"...I love that phrase. I'm all about that! I have GOT to read that book!

Sydney, thanks for your sweet words over at my blog about my latest collage and my vision board. You are like an injection of confidence to own personal Vitamin B-12 shot!! Thanks!!!


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