Saturday, August 7, 2010


Yep, that's me! I procrastinate. I try not to. But who am I kidding?! I think it is in my blood. It drives my parents crazy!!! But the truth is, they can't fault me. It bothers my mom but not nearly as much as it does my dad. My mom doesn't say much about it. My dad doesn't either really but you can tell it irks him. It's gotten to the point though where he just shakes his head and laughs. In fact, it is kind of a joke now. When I was a freshman in college, he even gave me a sign that read: "Don't rush me! I'm waiting for the last minute!"

It is SO me! Somehow that sign got lost between here and Ann Arbor and by my second week of school a new one arrived at my mailbox! I've never lost it since. It's hanging right where I can see it. I imagine one day this skill I have perfected will bite me in the butt. However, for now I seem to work better under pressure. Like tonight.

This month I am participating in The Creative Color Challenge over at my friend Louise's blog. I've been looking forward to this challenge, but this week just got away from me. Plus, it was another one of those, oh my everyone created such masterpiece's. And a while ago I kind of decided I didn't really want to "compete" and feel like my creations were inadequate. That wasn't doing much good for my soul. But this challenge just seemed fun, so it seemed okay that I took my time with it, and I hope the group will be okay that I am an hour or so late in posting. I had a hard time deciding what to do with the color given this week - sunflower yellow. You are only allowed to use that color, and then white or black. I am pretty pleased with my creation. I die cut flowers using all different shades of paint chips. Used some acrylic paint and gel, and a few beads, buttons, and ribbon, a little paper, stamps, and its all on canvas. Hope it makes you smile!

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