Thursday, September 2, 2010

full of sCRAPs!

I can't believe September is here! I guess I really did take the end of August off. But now I'm back (I even have "welcome back, welcome back, welcome back" - to the tune of Welcome Back Kotter playing constantly in my head). I've had a lot of projects building in my head and I am finally getting some of them all into fruition. Deadlines are looming, if for no other reason than pure time.

My niece will be ONE. One year old. NEXT month. Seriously, where does the time go? I remember this time last year. I was so excited to get to design a fun invite for the baby shower and bake some fun desserts. I don't know if there will be a big party for her. Well it won't be big, we're low key people. But we are FULL of love. I started this book for her when she was born. I did a scrapbook for her parents (and her) of the whole pregnancy and introducing my niece to her family. It's truly a masterpiece. This book I wanted to be of her first year with me and her. These are days she won't remember unless someone documents them and I want her to always know how much I love being her aunt. It's truly a special gift. I contemplated whether or not to make it so 3-dimensional since digital scrapbooking is the thing these days, but I still like my layering process. I am just hoping I can scan the pages well enough to make my own copy at the end. I've never done that before. Enjoy the sneak peek.


Carrie Schmitt said...

okay, this is the sweetest thing i have ever seen. your niece is so lucky to have you for an aunt. i think i need to send my sister this linke (just kidding). But seriously, you are so creative and loving and this is just incredible! She will treasure it always. you are teaching her so much by example--that is one lucky little girl!

InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Sydney-

I have never made a scrap book like you have here. I think they are such a great idea so memories can be saved. You have done a great job. My oldest daughter loves to create books with her photos. I am going to forward this post to her. I know she will be inspired by the detail you put into each page.
My best- Diane

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