Saturday, September 4, 2010

look at all the pretty colors

So this summer I was "supposed" to be participating in Louise's Creative Color Challenge. But as with any thing, I would see the weekly color get selected, get super excited about it, ponder it, contemplate it, even think of wonderful things that could be done with it, sometimes even actually have it come to life and photograph it, and then before I knew it it was Saturday evening and I was reading Louise's recap of that week and I hadn't even posted. Did anyone else's summer fly by...

Week 1 was Sunflower Yellow. I posted here.

Week 2 Raspberry Red. I actually did a great collage here. But here is the perfect picture from that week when I was in Charleston.

whoops, forgive me ;)

Week 3 was Turquoise Blue, this piece is still in progress but it has a lot of shiny which was the twist that week and is majority turquoise.

Week 4 was Sea Green.

Week 5, this week, the FINAL week, was Lavender.

And here is a collage of all the pretty colors - hope you enjoy!


Carrie Schmitt said...

how multi-talented are you? i can't believe your creative skills! My favorites are the happy yellow flowers and the purple flower hair piece. Where do you learn all this stuff? i'm so impressed!!!

Kristin Dudish said...

I love all of your photo collages... So bright & colorful!

p.s. I really really like the idea of your "no sweets left behind experiment"... I think that might have to be the next challenge I sign up for ;)

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