Sunday, June 6, 2010

brought to you by the letter P - Popcorn, Polish, and Pretty fun things

Do you ever have one of those nights where you are totally reminded of what its like to be a kid? Or how it was when you were a kid? I love it when that happens - when the carefree moment comes rushing over you and there is not a worry in the world. It tends to happen more in the summertime, cause you get to stay up late and don't have to worry about going to bed early because there's not always somewhere to be. Like last night. I was bummed that I couldn't go out for my friend D's birthday. We almost always get to celebrate our birthdays together, but a bunch of people were going to the Laser Show and I didn't think I could sit out in the heat as stuffed up as I am. So it was a night at home for me, but a night of but babysitting. So why not make it a crafty night of babysitting. Bonus for the kids! I'm the type who brings my own supplies. Oh yes, I bring the party with me - I'm so much more than a babysitter!
The night started right when we finished dinner, scratch that, before dinner. They saw my toes (see the picture above). I had seen Jen's post, Glitter Toes, and was dying to try this. So I pulled out the choice of colors I had brought for them, which were right up their alley - one was the same as mine, teal, and then I also had a lime green and a hot pink. Ah, manicures were a blast, successful, and done! One step closer to them being ready for their big summer trip!

The girls also loved my headband and so we made some flowers for them and hot glued them onto bobby pins. Then I also let them choose a fabric they liked and we made covered buttons and attached them to paperclips so they had great bookmarks to take on their big summer trip next week (I always try to plug something educational, it's the teacher in me).

AND, the oldest even got so inspired she went and grabbed an old headband of her own to make one similar to mine. I loved that she did this all on her own intuition. She cut the circles and attached it and everything. I was pretty proud of her! She's pretty proud too, don't ya think?!
By the time we were all done our yummy dessert of Peanut Butter and Chocolate Popcorn (it's the very first picture on the top banner - umm, can we say, 'hello delicious?!') was all ready to eat, even though when I was making it I would only tell them that I had a treat for them. The whole time they were watching me and saying, "WHAT, is she doing??" HA, trust me, that's not what they said when they tasted it. I found the recipe here.
Now if that's not a fun yet low-key, stress-free night I don't know what is!

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