Thursday, June 3, 2010

hardware store challenge...and linking up to weekend wrap-up!

and after all that,

**Yep, I was indeed late to the CSI challenge, by like 10 minutes! Me and my procrastinating self! Though for what it's worth I have been sick all week. Oh well, I left the link to CSI because there is always amazing stuff over there. But well, I'm pretty proud of how this necklace finally did come out that I'm going to link it up over at:
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Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

For a few more details on the necklace in case you're interested:
Yes the chains - they are all from Lowe's as I said. I am sure the guy was loving me being all like, "Okay a foot of that, and 2 feet of that." He was probably thinking the whole time, 'Does she even know what she's doing?!' And then when he had a jagged end left on one of them, I said, "Oh that's okay I'll use my jewelry tools and take care of that!" I'm sure he was like, 'Greeeat she's making jewelry!'
Well yes I did! But I didn't need my tools. I used the keychain rings as I said. I just bought one small pack with varied sizes and voila. I just decided where to link what chain depending on how I wanted which one to hang. As for the fabric flower, if people have amazing lessons, bring them on. I've studied and studied many, but am extremely visual and am having a hard time. The zipper flower, no problem. I just got out the hot glue gun and rolled with it, literally, til it met my liking! I think next up is a belt!

So I'm a little late in posting this. I just found out yesterday my tonsils are coming out in 8 days! Hope you'll still accept this one. School's out and I finally had some time.  I love a good challenge and this one was LOTS of fun. I made a necklace with just about everything from the chain aisle from Lowe's!!! There are key rings on there and other rings and about 4 or five diferent types of chain. And then for some color, a zipper rose, some fabric roses, a ribbon, and a rhinestone. Hope you like it.


Jen @ said...

That is so cute! I'm so sorry that you missed the cut off. I will see if I can get you added :)


Stephanie Lynn said...

Very cute and creative! I would never think to look in the chain clever!! Hope you have a great weekend! ~ Stephanie Lynn

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